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Author Erik O'Brien   (United States)
Review Shincha is here! Like most, I anticipated its arrival. Unfortunately for me when mine arrived I was experiencing a sinus infection which hindered my taste so I held it aside until I was well enough to experience fully this special treat.

Although I am late in this review I just had to write my opinion.
Shincha arrives in spring and if spring had a taste it would be Hibiki-an’s Traditional Shincha. Extremely mild, sweet and smooth. This might be the perfect tea for a first timer to try. There is nothing here that can turn a person off.

I am a person who prefers to drink Gyokuro. My brain already anticipates its sharpness and astringency when I raise my cup to my mouth but drinking this was a trick to my brain.

Although the website describes this as having the astringency left in and yes, while you may sense that, I personally get a wonderfully sweet flavor from it, setting itself apart even from its normal line of Sencha. It has a sweetness that tells you “spring has arrived” and just leaves your over all mood feeling great.

For me, tea is not just about drinking for the sake of drinking. Tea is like a ritual for me. Its about aesthetics. Its about sitting in front of my window, staring at the beautiful tree in front, listening to the birds or perhaps some music, watching the amazing light green pour from the kyusuu in to the cup, watching the steam rise as the sun reflects off of the liquid and then after all that….the ultimate final trea.......Shincha Traditional filling my taste buds! All this equals an amazing treat for all my senses.

Buy 2012 Sencha Traditional before its all but gone. Some things in life are only experienced once and this is just one of them.
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Date June 10, 2012

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