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Review This is the first hand made Japanese tea bowl that I have ever owned. I bought this because it represented the beliefs of Sen No Rikyu that a tea bowl should be simple, perhaps even austere.

It is not an exageration to say that the Eastern philosophy of things being Wabi Sabi was life changing for me.

Whether knowingly or not, Sen No Rikyu had a black tea bowl created for him. The colour black here is key. It shows off any of the other colours fully, as a background. It is particularly useful in bright light conditions where white would obscure an object.

Anyways, this bowl is beautifully shaped by hand, and you can appreciate this fact everytime you use it. My bowl had a red part that is highlighted in sunlight. I like the feel of the bowl's glaze during whisking. I'm still a little unsure of how Kuro Raku's glaze is achieved. If they use river stone on this bowl or not.

I spent a month photographing this bowl during outdoor tea ceremonies.

I live this bowl. Thank you, Hibiki and to Shohraku Sasaki.

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Date September 26, 2017

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