Matcha Banana Shake (House Matcha / Matcha Culinary) Reviews

Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Since bananas, smoothies, and Matcha are all things I definitely like, I decided to make a variation of this recipe just now. First, I want to mention that I did not bother using a blender because it would have actually taken me more Time when figured in the end considering I really did not feel like cleaning out the blender after use for something I wanted to be able to eat right away as a snack (or waste any of the smoothie that you just cannot ever completely empty from a blender!) I just used a large table fork!! (Not the very large serving fork.) It worked GREAT in a medium sized bowl! Also, be sure your bananas are room temperature and definitely ripe if you want to whip this up yourself using a Fork as I just did so it will be incredibly easy due to their softness. (Also, if you add things such as peanut butter like I did, be sure it also is room temperature and also to add it in very small amounts at a Time, about 1/4 tsp increments, whipped in with the fork to your already whipped banana "mash.") After sifting 1tsp of Matcha, dividing it into 1/2tsp increments and whipping and mixing away, I then put the mixture into the freezer for about 10min to quickly make it cool and refreshing. Take it out and whip up to blend well and enjoy. If you want it really cold but still don't want to use ice, be sure to whip the mix with your fork every 5-10min and to not forget about it if you want the smoothie texture! SUPER EASY! My end product looked kinda crazy, of course, especially due to the color, but it tasted awesome!
I'm planning on making more variations of this, probably mostly with the texture, by freezing it and eating it as a sort of frozen yogurt textured treat. It is REALLY GOOD! And I can think of SO many variations! I know it would be wonderful if added to cereal, especially an oat, granola, nut, raisin type of cereal to add a crunch to it.
Here is my very off-handed, spur of the moment recipe:
2 Bananas (I decided to add a 2nd to my final product after tasting it & wanting more banana & more smoothie)
1/2-1tsp Peanut Butter (Or so. Add to your liking in 1/4tsp amounts to mix it easily with a fork.)
1tsp Matcha (Sift & blend into mix in 1/2tsp amounts to mix easily and smoothly.)
Mash & whisk Banana(s) individually using a large table fork in a medium sized bowl first, then mix the desired amount, to taste, of Peanut Butter in dividing it into very small amounts, about 1/4tsp each to ensure smoothness. The last thing to do is mix your Matcha in, being sure to sift it and once again to divide the amount as you go.
Three easy steps that are pretty fast! Put in freezer for 10min if you want it cooled quickly to your desired temperature!
The Peanut Butter taste goes well with Banana and also adds protein to your smoothie. I hope anyone who enjoys these ingredients will enjoy this, too, and there are many ways to add variety to this recipe! :)
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Date September 29, 2012

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