Matcha Tiramisu (House Matcha / Matcha Culinary) Reviews

Author Ivan Petrovic   (Montenegro)
Review I love matcha tiramisu..thats really a nice treat both for you and your guests.. its really a nice presentation when you serve it in a wine glass or in a glass ice-cream bowl...heres my matcha tiramisu recipe as promissed... and thanks Hibiki-an for adding new recipes to your site..keep them coming!


4 eggs
few drops of Marsala (italian sweet wine)
500g Mascarpone
3 tbsp Sugar
a bit of vanilla (or vanilla sugar)
lady fingers (around 30)


Separate the egg whites and yolks. Put the yolks, sugar and vanilla in a food processor or mixer, and whisk on medium speed for about 10 minutes until the mixture is almost white. Add a few drops of marsala wine (if you dont have this one, you can add a few drops of some other white or sweet white wine). Add the mascarpone and continue whisking until well mixed. Now beat the egg whites in separate bowl until stiff peaks form. Then carefully fold them in the mascarpone mix. Do this by hand (not mixer and very gently!). Set aside.
Soak the ladyfingers in matcha (I usually make it a bit stronger for this). Try not to soak them through cause they will be too soggy...they need to have a white patch inside when you break them. Soak every side for about 3-4 seconds, you'll see yourself whats the best time for soaking them. Layer the ladyfingers onto the bottom of a bowl or any container. (I usually do this in small bowls or a nice glass... in this case you can put them upright along the sides of a glass, but you can do it in the bigger dish and then cut it when serving). Pour some of the mascarpone mixture on top. Continue until the dish is full, making sure the final layer is the cream. I usually do it in two layers: lady fingers, then mascarpone, and again lady fingers and mascarpone on top. When finfished sprinkle first with matcha powder, then shaved white chocolate. Refrigerate at least 3 hours or overnight.

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Date October 05, 2005

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