Bamboo Whisk 80 bristles (Chasen) Reviews

Author Michael Nelson   (United States)
Review Yep,
I have one of these bamboo whisk (Chasen) tools for frothing up my matcha perfectly!

I have owned a few over the years and this is the highest quality one I have come across. These are the real deal and have 80 individual almost hair thin slivers that are perfect for frothing matcha. I have owned some cheapo-Chinese ones that fell apart and had larger bristles, which splash matcha all over the place, and still don't froth it up properly.
Also, I had never used a proper holder for the whisk either, the Kusenaoshi, and that makes all the difference in the world. If you are a matcha fanatic as I must admit I am.
Get the holder and your whisk will stay perfect for years. It will curl up or deform and turn into a tangle of bristles if not!

Excellent product!
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Date March 23, 2009

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