Matcha Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister) Reviews

Author Lawrence Buck   (United States)
Review I found this Premium grade to be the best bang for the buck and used it on a regular daily basis as my main stay matcha for years before I upgraded.

Not long ago I decided to add a canister of it to my purchase as a side kick to the Super Premium Refill 120 grams bag.

Generally I found its flavor profile to be a bitter and very well balanced sweet taste.
But the 2019 harvest as was this canister had a new subtle change.
I'm not sure to credit it to the good 2019 harvest but my lean is toward crediting the tea master who blended it.
The 2019 Premium didn't have a bitter and sweet unami but had a quick tang followed by a nut like flavor. I would best describe it as roasted chestnuts.

All good.

On the competetive level (as I have tried quite a few other brands) Hibiki-an Premium Matcha takes the lead being usually a shade to three shades above in flavor and cost in comparisons to other brands.
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Date March 09, 2020

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