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Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review I forgot to add my picture...here's what mine looks like. So elegant!

This bowl is absolutely amazing. The way it was made with the five different carvings and then the milky glaze poured over it was very creative and the effect is very beautiful. The addition of the golden accents over the milky glaze brings about a sense of three-dimensionality and makes the bowl look more expensive than it is. The glaze is finished with lots of really BIG crackling. I totally love these huge crackling in the glaze. These are very visible. This means that as the bowl gets used over time the bowl will develop a personality of its own. As I ran my fingers over the surface of the exterior I noticed that the surface is a bit imperfect and not perfectly smooth because of all of the carvings. I totally love this as well because it shows that it was not a mass-produced item.

The inside is this beautiful mauvey brown with a creamy white Hakeme line all around the middle. Although this bowl has a lot of large crackling, no water ‘leaked’ into the crackling when I drank from it or when I washed it. It is absolutely beautiful and compliments some of my other bowls with similar carvings. It's not a lightweight nor a heavy bowl but somewhere in between (9.8 oz to be exact). It definitely has some heft to it, yet, it’s easy to hold and to drink from it.

This is a beautiful bowl and at such a great price for all of the detailing you cannot go wrong with this one.

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Date October 30, 2021

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