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Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review I purchased this pair of cups because they are flower themed and because the two in the pair are not identical. Both are beautifully crafted and painted with vibrant colors. The flowers use many different shadings of colors to add depth and dimensionality. The gold accents are beautiful as well.

The Iris cup is a beautiful darkened red with a beautiful brown bottom that is perfectly shaped. The Iris is balanced and beautifully detailed. It’s a little smaller than the bellflower cup, weighing in at about 200g but at the same time it feels substantial. This cup is just a bit thicker in construction than the bellflower cup and a tiny bit shorter. The shape is curvy and sexy. The white interior showcases the tea color beautifully.

The Bellflower cup is a beautiful shade of pink. The flowers are very well rendered and again, painted beautifully with many different colors and the gold accents are well placed to add dimension and interest. The interior is painted white and you can see the brush strokes all around the inside. The cup is just a bit larger/taller than the Iris cup at 205 g, however, it feels lighter and the rim is thinner, which feels better for me against my lips. The bottom is a beautiful globe shape which very ingeniously holds in the aroma of your tea so that you get a nose-full of the beautiful tea scent every time you take a sip. I would have to say that this my favorite of the two cups, although, I do love them both.

I have used both cups and the tea tasted great in both. Both are easy to hold and feel comfortable in the hand. These are beautifully crafted pieces of art and I can’t wait to see what other flower themed cups will be offered in the future. Hibiki-An’s detailed pictures are great and plentiful to show off the details of these beautiful pieces, though, they are usually much prettier in person because it's tough to see the fine details from a picture.

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Date February 19, 2021

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