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Nickname Matchalover   (Canada)
Review I wanted a cup that was lighter in color to go with my darker tea ware. This cup appealed by not only its color but the simple impressed design. When I got it, I was surprised & happy to find the cup was heavier than usual especially towards the bottom. (This makes it very secure on a table when a cat walks by!)
But the weight and shape also enhance cradling comfort in your hands, along with the retentive heat the cup has. I like many kinds of cups but I really like one that holds the heat like this one, because sencha is not brewed that hot. On a slightly chill spring morning it is very soothing and peaceful to have it as your tea companion....no social distancing required!

It is also a little bigger in capacity, almost like a multi-cup and I can pour in a full 7 ounces of tea, so I take it outside without a teapot to walk in the garden. I think it would also be great for and look good using it for a small strong cup of coffee.

I wish I had gotten 2, as now I carry it from my house to my studio. Well...next order!
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Date April 21, 2020

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