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Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review This makes a very nice gift (though I bought it for myself). It has almost everything you need to make a bowl of matcha all wrapped up in a very lovely Furoshiki cloth.

I love the HYO SETSU HAKU Multi-cup, use it for drinking tea and can also be used for matcha (though whisking would a little bit tight unless you have one of those compact Chasens).

The Matcha super premium was great. I had only tried the Matcha Pinnacle and starting from the best and going in the other direction was a little bit of an adjustment. It was delicious, just not Pinnacle. The Super Premium tasted just a tiny bit astringent :-) I'm working on super premium container now and thoroughly enjoy it so just had to make the adjustment. It is easy to whisk into a frothy and delicious bowl of matcha. I would repurchase it, though I prefer the Matcha Pinnacle.

I haven't tried the Chasen yet as I bought this one to have a backup. The only thing I noticed is that the bristles are a little bit stiffer than the whisk I am currently using (which has about the same number of bristles). I think someone else also left a similar comment about this Chasen as well.

Overall a lovely gift presentation. I would not hesitate to gift this to any matcha lover.
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Date April 03, 2021

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