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Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review I saw this Camellia bowl and knew it had to be mine  This bowl is very light weight and feels very good in the hands. Literally speaking, it is like a work of art. Each element (flower or leaf) is meticulously drawn in gold and then carefully filled in. The colors are very saturated and vivid. The flowers alternate blue and red with beautiful green leaves around the entire outside. It almost looks as if the red/green/blue were painted in enamel as they are very glossy but at the same time they have a translucent ‘watercolor’ look to them. The beautiful glossiness of the leaves and flowers is contrasted (and complimented) by the matte of the antique gold that envelopes the remaining space on the exterior. You can see the amazing crackle glaze through all of the colors. The inside of this bowl is very pale yellow and the entire inner rim along the top has either gold clouds, leaves or one trio of red camellia flowers. No matter which way you orient this bowl, there is always something beautiful to look at both inside and outside of it.

This bowl has amazing craftsmanship: from the bowl itself, to the well-drawn and colored flowers, to the color scheme. All of the colors complement each other.

I took this opportunity to drink my Kuradashi Matcha Pinnacle from it and it was an absolute joy to drink from it. This bowl is absolutely stunning in every way!

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Date October 27, 2021

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