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Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review When I saw that Hibiki-an has this type of work, I was so happy.

Philosophically, it makes sense to me. This is definitely Wabi Sabi. So many people use this term. What does it mean?

At one time, very fancy and ornate teaware was used to have tea. Think of a party in which only the prettiest people are invited. Then someone said that perhaps we are missing the true beauty of a lot of things, because we only look at the the pretty things. Maybe there is beauty in other things?!

In my own life, this new philosophy of wabi sabi (simplicity and austerity) helped my enjoy a new world of nature that I had not experienced before.

My own habit of doing a simple tea ceremony outdoors in a chosen spot of nature would work very well with any of of these pieces.

This work reminds me of some old coloured bricks that have been worn down by the weather for over 30 years here. These bricks are very beautiful to me.

If I could summarise, this piece will interact with a natural scene, and be appreciated as itself as nature (art) as opposed to conflicting with it.

Also, I want to say that the way this piece is made is exactly as I have seen in videos of master potters.

Forgive me, for not owning one of these.
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Date October 27, 2017

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