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Review I wanted to post a review about these very tempting treats. I recently tried them this Season for the first Time. The first few were definitely sweeter than I expected them to taste. This was not a bad thing, though. I guess I had assumed they'd be like the usual very salty potato chips sold all over. There are some of the potato in this mix that are quite salty and seem to be the regular white type of potato that regular chips are made from but the overall blended variety of the different types of potato chips makes this snack quite satisfying when you'd like something not overly sugary/sweet and also not overly salty. The different textures are also pleasant. Some are very crispy and others not so much more of a plump yet thin/airy crunch. None of them were ever overly soft or that gross like soggy/soft texture that many fried chip type snacks can get which is off-putting.

I really appreciate HIBIKI-AN letting us know the ingredients used to prepare these on this site because they are not on the package in detail. When I read that calcium, potassium and iron, are in the unrefined sugar used to prepare these and bring out the flavors I got excited to try these not only because they sounded very appetizing but also because I thought my health might benefit by trying adding them to my daily Tea since those specific nutrients listed are always the electrolytes/minerals/etc. I'm told I'm low/imbalanced and need to supplement.

I also appreciate these are gluten-free, without any chemical additives, and no artificial colors or preservatives.

My favorite are the tan colored, round like wheel shaped circles with the spokes/holes. I have never seen that vegetable before! it's my favorite out of them all! :)
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Date October 05, 2017

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