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Nickname Matchalover   (Canada)
Review I couldn't help myself, I fell in love with the design of both of the Inka Mon cups as soon as I saw them. I have been very happy with them. It surprises me that somehow the shape makes it seem as though my teapot is giving me more tea than before!

The brown back-tone of the cups is very compatible with other cups and matcha bowls, which makes them very nice to display. The two cups almost seem emotionally different, the Shiro is more a daylight cup somehow, lighter. I find myself using the Kuro more...a personal preference for a deeper mood I think.

They are easy to hold, and fun to look at and count the different flowers too. The dark cup has an unusual thick area of white glaze in the bottom which surprised me at first, then intrigued me and while drinking tea it is amusing too. I began to understand why it was there as it helps to see the bottom of the cup. The Shiro cup does not have this.

I really enjoy cups that are different like these and am so happy I succumbed to my initial impression. Well designed and beautiful.
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Date July 16, 2017

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