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Review I love this new Matcha bowl! My last order got to my house super fast, thanks ALOT, HIBIKI-AN! I have been extremely stressed out this entire year and am so happy to have Autumn arrive. It is my favorite Season for many reasons, not just for it's great beauty but because the weather is better for my Health instead of our intensely hot Summers.

I wanted a new Matcha Bowl to enjoy the new Autumn Kuradashi Matcha that reflected Autumn and coming Winter and I am SO glad I decided on this one, finally! This bowl REALLY needs to be seen and held in person to Truly fully appreciate it. It's a lovely tactile experience, you can feel each flower petal that was painted and the Sakura petals seem more like a flurry of snow. It is elaborate yet still subdued, in my opinion, and celebrates all of the Seasons, I personally feel. The Sakura reminds me of Spring but yet of snowy Winter, as well and the other red, brown mixed with very Autumn toned colors of tree branches is definitely a reminder of Autumn coming, the last of Summer, and then the coming even cooler/cold days of Winter. Thank you for offering this usable piece of Art at I feel a reasonable price.

One thing I noticed was the bowl seemed a bit smaller, I felt, but that is fine for me since I enjoy whisking my Matcha and drinking it mindfully alone. I'd like to soon perhaps purchase the dark wood whisk to go specially with this bowl. I have been wanting to try preparing my Matcha with that whisk made from a different wood and with a special number that is required in a certain Tea School for awhile, now. I'd love to enjoy the atmosphere that darker wood whisk (plus maybe even the very traditional and dark, aged wood Matcha spoon made from the wood from a traditional Japanese home hearth/fireplace) would be like with this new very beautiful and calming Matcha Bowl would be like.

This Matcha Bowl, [Limited] KOBIKI UNKIN (handcrafted Matcha Bowl), is exactly what I was looking for and thinking about for awhile. Thank you so much to the Artist, Mr. Kagetsu Hara, for all of your Time and efforts put into creating this Matcha Bowl, it is wonderful! And thanks again to HIBIKI-AN for offering such lovely Tea Ware!
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Date November 12, 2016

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