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Nickname Matchalover   (Canada)
Review Last year I broke my previous kyusu, bought two since then which didn't satisfy me. I should have listened to myself earlier as this is the one I wanted the most, and it has proven to be wonderful in every way. There are some teawares that make you long to have more tea...just to use them. This is one.

The over all tone is a kind of antique silver or deep pewter against a deep charcoal. When you turn the pot, you can see some shades of copper and blue in different places. Very subtle and alluring,also similar to an oil slick in a puddle if you ever saw one, but the colors are always in the same place.

Unexpectably,this kyusu is amazingly smooth and soft in feel, I want to hold it like a matcha bowl or yunomi (there is an idea! a matching yunomi would be terrific!).

The form of the teapot is perfect, heavier on the lower part for sturdiness or untippability but I only know this from feeling inside when washing it...overall very light and refined, the edges are thin and the lid fits perfectly. So well and thoughtfully made, it is hard to express in words.

The inbuilt strainer has small holes for Fukumushi sencha but at 400ml., I like it for premium quality sencha as there is lots of room for the leaves to expand. Using the guidlines for 7 ounces of water, you can easily carry it without spills on a tray. The spout is also drip proof.

I plan to buy a second one as well,ASAP, one for brewing and one to pour from. Thank you other purchasers for helping me to make up my mind to spend a bit more. I hope I can help someone else in this important and fun decision making!
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Date February 12, 2018

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