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Nickname Matchalover   (Canada)
Review I was gifted this beautiful bowl last December and it immediately became my favorite matcha bowl. It gives me great pleasure to be able to enjoy my matcha in it every morning. The raised texture of the white stems and Hagi leaves is so nice to feel, and the shape of the bowl is very natural and easy to hold. The color, design, texture and shape of the bowl work perfectly together.

As soon as I saw Hagi in the title I thought of The Tale of genji, which I have studied for many years. At the
same time as getting the bowl, I got a book with a cover of a painting from the Sakai City Museum of an illustration of the Akashi chapter from the Tale of Genji. One of the people in the painting is wearing a top robe with a similar image of Hagi Gasane. So this impresses me very much, that the potter used a traditional motif in a modern way, and makes the association even stronger for me.

One slight codicile to the bowl, the bottom inside is a bit deep in the center so you must be sure your matcha powder is mixed in well from that area.

The differences of this bowl in texture and shape make it truly worth having and it is priced very reasonably for such high quality.
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Date March 04, 2016

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