[Limited] ITO TEMARI and MATCHA AME(traditional candy) Reviews

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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This review is only for the citrus, striped ITO TEMARI.

I've had the chance to try these ITO TEMARI (citrus/striped color) candy from HIBIKI-AN before but not the Matcha kind. Usually, I don't like hard candy and never eat it very often at all. But somehow, these were different. It was as if my taste buds and mouth could detect all the work gone into them, and I did not even know the process of making them at that Time, even that they were made by two makers! So they were very special to me! You can tell they are handmade (which is so sad today when you REALLY realize that most everything is mass produced basically in a non-caring fashion, I feel) because each one is indeed a ball shape and striped, but each one is also not exactly alike... this gives them a very special nostalgic feeling which I very much love!

The citrus flavor is very good, not too strong and/or artificial tasting, and this flavor goes so very well with a nice cup of Sencha either brewed normally or cold-brewed. Just looking at them in the bag with all the different colored stripes was so cute, a happy and fun feeling, and would instantly raise my mood! Also, they last a very long Time, I feel, compared to the hard candy that I actually do maybe eat (obviously only if you do not chew them!)
I REALLY loved these and since the hard candy lasts so long a bag will last a decent amount of Time. I really loved the citrus, striped ITO TEMARI when I was able to enjoy them from HIBIKI-AN!

And for those who think, "It's only just a hard candy," well just remember that these were handmade by multiple experts so you get what you pay for, in my opinion. Plus, it's a very mindful thing to slowly enjoy one with a cup of Sencha and come to realize how much Time has changed over the years and how different inventions have had a huge impact on Life around the world because traditionally in the past only the very wealthy and even only the noble families were able to enjoy something that we take for granted today. It really puts Time and things into perspective! I'm glad to see these offered, I wish they were offered year round because I feel they match best with a Shincha Sencha as well as the Sencha Traditional when the Senchas are first freshly Harvested! But ANY of the Senchas offered by HIBIKI-AN will definitely be a lovely and delicious experience. Thank you, HIBIKI-AN :)

This review was only for the citrus, striped ITO TEMARI.
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Date September 19, 2015

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