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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Green is one of my very favorite colors so when I saw this cup (as well as the pink glazed and Sakura painted one) I wanted both because I liked how they looked in the pictures, the fact that it is a larger "multi-cup" size, and most of all because they are porcelain. I have a lot of Earthenware yunomis, multi-cups, and Matcha bowls, but I often want to enjoy my Tea from a nice porcelain cup.

I had to order these 2 cups separately so I already had the pink Sakura one for a bit and really enjoyed using it. Mine was not as bright or dark of a pink as my computer shows. It is more of a pastel, "ballet" pink. I'm actually glad about that because I like it better even than what the pictures HIBIKI-AN has put up show to me.

I expected the same with this green [Limited]HANA KOHCHI- FUJI multi-cup, for it to be lighter, more pastel, etc. But my green glazed [Limited]HANA KOHCHI- FUJI is a very true, energetic green that looks how Matcha without the lighter green whisked topping does. Well actually, the glazed cup reminds me of Matcha because it is lighter, a more pastel green nearer the top of the cup (like the lighter green whisked Matcha topping) and it gets darker and darker green as the glaze has flowed down as when the Artist painted it.

As with the pink Sakura cup from this line, the feel is so smooth but you can see tiny crackles in the glaze that you can observe and contemplate, just getting lost in Time, as you enjoy your Tea of choice in this very pretty cup because the inside is white and allows you to see all the different shades of the different Teas. Inside is painted a lovely Wisteria in the royal blue that it deserves for such a wonderfully handmade use-able work of Art. Once again, the Artist has created depth, shadow, and light using only the blue but in lighter and darker/less and more blue pigment. I find his precise and sharp brush strokes to be lovely to gaze at.

I know I said I wanted smaller, porcelain yunomi in another review and these are a great size because they are not as big as the other multi-cups, but still large enough to enjoy more Tea in then in the smaller, more traditional yunomi sizes (although I REALLY would like to have a very traditional, small, porcelain yunomi or 2, I'm still searching and waiting for some I really like but are not way over my budget!) These are a really good size for a cool cup of iced or cold-brewed Tea to refresh yourself during the Summer. Some may find these too small and narrow for whisking Matcha, but I'm ok with using these cups for when I want a strong, thick, small amount of Matcha and am not super concerned about getting the foamy, creamy topping that comes from whisking correctly.

I'm glad to see a new line of multi-cups in different colors and with different flowers featured so I can match my mood (or what I WANT my mood to be) or create a new atmosphere for myself or to match and go along with an atmosphere that I am already in and enjoying and want to enhance and enjoy further.

Thanks a lot, HIBIKI-AN! You always choose such lovely and interesting (as well as useful) Tea Ware from the best Artists, which allows me to always enjoy my "Green Moments" in the ways that are perfectly suited to me no matter what the day, Season, Tea, or mood. :)
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Date July 26, 2015

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