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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I really like this HANA KOHCHI - SAKURA multi-cup alot! I just got it in the mail so I admit that I haven't used it yet (because I already had some Tea not too long ago, I wish the mail would have arrived sooner!) I can't wait to use this with some Shincha Matcha or Shincha Gyokuro that I also ordered. I can't decide on which Tea first.

I'm SO GLAD this cup arrived today because I'm extremely upset over having to put my very loved, but old cat, Bella Donna, to sleep just yesterday. It was terrible and I still feel horrible but she lived a long life, she would have been 20 this August, and she never was sick or anything, so I try to remind myself of just that she was sweet and well and very much loved. This cup had a calming effect on me when I saw it, which is good! It's arrival was Perfect Timing.

The color of the cup that I received was not as bright of a pink that was showing in my monitor. It's more pastel pink, like a ballet pink color, and I really like that better to be Honest. The color feels very gentle and calming to me. The cup's pink glaze feels smooth and calming as well, but if you look you'll see tiny crackles in the glaze that catch the light slightly and remind me of the brightness of Spring.

Inside the Artist has very well painted a couple Sakura flowers, buds, and leaves. They look both calming as well as lively and in bloom and he has showed great skill using the blue color to paint with because he has created a great piece of art in these flowers showing dimension, depth, and light & shadow by skillfully blending a wide range of very pale blue glaze color and ranging all the way on up to a deep, dark blue. The white inside will allow nice viewing of the different shades of Tea.

I thought this cup was going to be larger when they described it, but it is actually a bit smaller than I'd expected and this also makes me glad because I've been wanting some smaller porcelain Tea cups and this will be nice to use when you need more to drink than the very small cups allow, and I think it will be nice to enjoy an elegant and calming cup of very cold Iced Tea. I'm thinking of making some Iced Matcha today, maybe, in mine. I love this cup! It could not have come at a better Time!

I also REALLY would love to get the green HANA KOHCHI - FUJI cup like it! I REALLY HOPE it does not go out of stock before I can get it! I would have ordered the set but my funds would not allow me to, unfortunately. I think this is a great new line of Seasonal Flower and Color Porcelain Tea Cups and I'd really love to collect them all like I did with the HANA KIKO Multi-cups. I think/hope I spelled that right! Those are the cups that are a bit bigger than this line, at least so far with my first one, the pretty pink HANA KOHCHI - SAKURA. (There are 2 available now- Peony and Grape, I REALLY have enjoyed those cups over the years. They are GREAT for choosing which cup fits your mood due to the different flowers/colors, and the subtle handmade differences in size just make them great when you choose one to use.) Also, if the HANA KOHCHI - FUJI is more of a pastel green instead of the brighter green that my monitor shows I'll like it even more!

Thank you so much, HIBIKI-AN! You guys are The Best!!
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Date July 12, 2015

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