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Review I am not new to Japanese green tea but rather new to truly appreciating it. Hibiki-An introduced me to the concept of serious tea preparation, thanks to their detailed and helpful online articles.
Not knowing where to start on this journey, I went with this tea set and I am so very glad I did.
The Kyusu is stunning and so pleasing in shape and texture, it's a joy to handle and even wash! The workmanship that went into its creation shines through, in every ridge and curve.
The Yunomi pair excels in both aesthetics and design, with being so light-weight and perfectly profiled to enhance the drinking experience.
Together with the Katakuchi Yuzamashi I purchased separately, this tea set has seen near daily use and has held up excellently.
Highly recommended, even for those new to or intimidated by (as I was!) serious brewing. :)
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Date May 26, 2017

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