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Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review It's funny how we can remember a particular scent or taste, even though time has moved on, and things may be different.

As soon as I made a bowl of Matcha Pinnacle, I recognised the scent. Perhaps it is like umami? It reminds me of turkey gravy.

That is not to say that a matcha latte tastes like turkey gravy.

Yet, that deep, delicious aroma.. reminds one of it.

I could easily tell that this was ground a lot finer than even the spring matcha that I have been drinking.

Much less of that roasted taste that the spring matcha (and another famous store's matcha) had.

We will see as times goes on. Perhaps by the end of March, I will be done my supply of this tea, and then it will be time to start again.

Colour: Beautiful green.

I will update as I go along.
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Date September 21, 2021

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