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Review This is the first time I have been to review this tea, this year.

I made the tea two ways: traditionally, and as a matcha latte.

There is hidden in this tea, a green scent, which can be brought out from the powder by a transition from a warm environment to a cold one. (Powder on a plate, say)

The colour was bright green. I could not tell any difference from the photographs from Hibiki's usual high quality colour. The colour changes with locale and with amount of tea. The best place is in natural light.

I'm going to make a guess that an iced latte is the best way to serve this. (I will test this later).

The flavour profile was a subset of the usual great matcha latte.

The milder character of traditional tea was more suited to thicker styles of tea with less bitterness. Lately I have been sensitive to the bitterness when I use too much tea, with lower grades.

There was a most unusual aroma, which I can only describe as Turkey gravy (umami) When I swirled the latte bowl, it appeared! Very diffrrent from the snow peas of the winning year.

Keep in mind, that this year I have tried most of the great teas from hibiki-an: from house matcha, to kuradashi pinnacle, to spring matcha, and pinnacle matcha.

Actually, my favourite was the iced spring matcha in the summer for colour or iced house matcha latte for full flavour.

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Date December 25, 2019

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