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Nickname Chris   (Canada)
Review I'm not sure how one justifies drinking matcha made by the honshu method as a latte. But, that is how I am drinking it. Every morning, I wake up.and have a matcha latte with my breakfast. In the afternoon, I prefer to have an iced matcha latte in the summer. I must enjoy this iced matcha latte outside, so that I can see the beautiful green colour of chlorophyll in the sunlight.

The reason I don't do the traditional tea ceremony very often, is because I don't often have a sweet to go with it, anymore.

Anyways, this matcha is finely ground, the first time I made it, there was hardly a cloud made as I sifted it. The colour is comparable to the spring matcha that I just finished off. The interesting thing about the quality of matcha, is that as you go up the scale, the matcha becomes smoother. Conversely, if you are looking for flavour, there is more at the near bottom of the scale. The exception is Kuradashi matcha, where the best quality also has the best taste.

I received this matcha at night, and made myself a cold latte. I was sitting out quietly enjoying it on some fine cedar steps, when a skunk wandered out. I quietly got up and left.

Anyways, I will write a bit more when I have had a chance to do the traditional tea ceremony..
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Date August 04, 2019

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