Teabag Tasting Set -Forest (3 x 14bags x 5g/0.18oz) Reviews

Nickname Phil   (United States)
Review Along with the other tasting set, this is the best way to discover what you like and don't when it comes to green tea.

What's more enjoyable is discovering teas I've not tried before and discovering they are all great.

By the time you nearing the end of your supply you'll have discovered what you truly enjoy daily and can reorder before you run out.

I have found the ordering process expedient and the delivery very reliable. The teas are always fresh sealed and simply burping the air out and using a small bag clip goes a long way to preserving the flavor.

Tip: Store your open tea pouches in a zip-lock bag. Partly close the bag and press out as much air as you can before sealing. No harm in mixing tea types in their individual pouches together with other teas in the same zip-lock I've found.

If you want a proven traditional item for storing your teas check out the circular storage containers.
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Date January 29, 2016

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