Teabag Organic Sencha (28bags x 5g/0.18oz) Reviews

Author Sigurd Ruschkowski   (Sweden)
Review I really like these tea bags! Comparing Hibiki-an´s tea bags with a Lipton tea bag is like comparing a Hyuandi car with a Mercedez car! First, these bags are huge in comparison. Jam packed with green tea powdered leafs (of course I opened one up).

Following the excellent brewing instructions on the bag in which the tea bags are in, aroma is fresh. No bad smells at all. Tasting the tea is even better: a non bitter, sweet taste with a long after taste.
Colour is green-brownish.

I rate this tea a 3+ out of 5 giving Hibiki-an a 5 for their best teas.

Today, it is rather hot so I will try to make some ice tea with these tea bags :-)
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 3 of 5 Stars!

Date July 26, 2013

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