Gyokuro Karigane Premium (100g/3.53oz) Reviews

Author Michael Nelson   (United States)
Review Excellent! If you are looking for a "daily Gyokoru" to drink, you have found it.
As a comparison, I have used a popular companies "gyokuro" tea here in the U.S., called "Teavana". Although they offer a decent, or average product, I have found something that is far superior, ultra-high quality, and even more economical. It is this Gyokuro Karigane Premium and it tastes excellent, far beyond the allegedly "highest quality gyokuro" that I had just gotten from "Teavana".
There is no comparison at all, this product is far above even other competitors gyokuro tea, and you have to remember this product is mostly leaf vein and stem!

Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Tastes of above average "Umami", with clear, bright and lightly sweet gyokuro freshness. Pronounced effect and feeling from high level of naturally occurring L-Theanine. Very noticable, within minutes of drinking tea, I describe it to friend's as a "liquid meditation" or "liquid zen" affectation. Ultra low level of caffeine, almost imperceptible, the L-Theanine levels of this grade of tea probably have a modulating effect on any caffeine.

Fantastic tea Hibiki-An. I received mine today (july 14 2009) and I placed my order on July 6th I believe, extremely quick service, super carefully packaged and protected also.

My money says: "Goodbye Teavana, Hello Hibiki-An!"
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Date July 15, 2009

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