[Shincha!] Organic Sencha Premium (100g/3.53oz) Reviews

Author mark schufman   (United States)
Review It is that time of year again, the two cherry trees in my Colorado back yard
are blossoming and I look forward to the first spring teas from Hibiki-An
I have been a dedicated fan of their teas for many years and they all are consistently excellent. They have a good selection of both organic and non-organic teas, though I seek out primarily organic teas, I cannot resist their Shincha
AOTE, Fukamushi, Farmers, and Traditional Teas. Their prompt service is impressive, their pricing very reasonable, and their consistent quality unsurpassed.
I also enjoy reading the articles from Hibiki-an regarding the history, ceremony and growing of the teas, as well as product descriptions. They are very well composed and provide a small but beautiful window into Japanese culture.

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Date May 15, 2021

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