Organic Gyokuro (100g/3.53oz) Reviews

Nickname Allen Manning - Tea Student   (United States)
Review This Gyokuro survived 4 full steeps with my favorite parameters:

Leaf/Water Ratio: 6g per 100ml
Steep 1: room-temp for 14 minutes
Steep 2: 60c for 90 seconds
Steep 3: 65c for 90 seconds
Steep 3: 70c for 90 seconds

My main complaint is the distractingly dry finish. Overall though, I say this tea was very nice and approachable. A little on the brighter end of the spectrum, aroma notes of cut alfalfa, light algae and steamed spinach. Sweetness in both the aroma and flavor, light astringency, and a present yet pleasant light bitterness in later steeps. All-in-all though, a very nice gyokuro that fits the organic market niche

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Date December 23, 2019

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