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Author geewon kim   (United States)
Review i am basically a gyokuro drinker and now a newly converted karigane aficionado. sencha always have been too bitter and astringent for my sensitive stomach especially when drunken empty. but this kuradashi sencha tastes much mellower for my stomach and infuses curiously more profound flavor than its regular version. i was not sure whether i liked this tea from the first brew and had to be with the taste few times more before the deep woodiness of aged leaves echoed back to my pattete. the typical bitterness of sencha is overtoned and well rounded with lingering kicks of spiciness. it is less intense and less flamboyant than shincha but of much more mature and fuller taste that grows on me more and more.
i feel this kuradshi version is a connoissieur's tea, to be fully appreciated with the sentiment of witnessing autumn leaves turning and falling colorful on the ground.
now sipping this tea gazing a saguaro cactus out on the blazing sonoran desert with air conditioning still on at the end of october is a quite interesting experience; nontheless awakens that nostalgia of full ripening autumn.
this tea truly inspires the appreciation in subtle art of tea making. and thank you, Hibiki-an, for doing the masterful work.
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Date November 01, 2010

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