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KUROMAME Snack (traditional bean snack)

Interior Content: 2 flavors of 70g (2.47oz) each

Handmade at Fujisawa Eiseido in Kyoto.
Fujisawa Eiseido is known for creating snacks using a traditional manufacturing process with careful attention to quality and natural ingredients.

KUROMAME (black soybeans) is one of the most popular traditional Japanese snacks. Fujisawa Eiseido created two kinds of modern and refined premium bean snacks using only carefully selected ingredients and developing an original manufacturing method.

This premium bean snack has a refined subtle flavor: a balance of pleasant nutty aroma of roasted beans and gentle sweet taste of the coating. Black soybeans have a mellower flavor than other beans. The black soybeans are grown mainly in Kyoto, where the highest quality beans are found. Japanese bean snacks are usually coated with sugar and much too sweet. Mr. Fujisawa has developed a special recipe and manufacturing process that moderates the sweet taste of this premium bean snack in order to create an ideal balance of flavor.

Tea ceremony grade Matcha is used to coat these black soybeans. Usually, manufacturers use lower grade Matcha in the preparation of food items, but Mr. Fujisawa always uses premium ingredients. So, the flavor is subtle and smooth and the color is vividly bright green. The black soybeans are carefully roasted so that each bean is roasted uniformly throughout. Matcha is coated over the entire surface. In order for the Matcha to retain its vivid bright green color, temperature is carefully managed during the Matcha coating process. All steps of the process require skilled manufacturing techniques.

KO of this name means "small" in Japanese, and KURO means "black." A specific breed of black soybean, which is inherently small, is used for this. Because of the small size, the texture is unique and different from the common black soybean. Each bean is coated with sugar known as SHIMA ZARAME which is produced in the islands of Okinawa, Japan. SHIMA means island and ZARAME means coarse sugar in Japanese. SHIMA ZARAME is moderately sweet and rich and well-seasoned taste. It is used only at top restaurants in Japan.

The third generation Fujisawa consistently takes the time and effort to follow the traditional production method and develop modern methods too. It enables him to develop this modern and refined premium bean snack.

This premium bean snack pairs very well with all kinds of Japanese tea. We are certain you will be delighted with the subtle taste, unique crisp texture, and adorable appearance. This is also suitable for a gift to celebrate any special occasion.

Packed in special carton box decorated with WASHI Japanese paper.
No artificial additives.
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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Black Soybeans, Matcha, Sugar (Only non-genetically-modified black soybeans are used)
Net Weight: 70g (2.47oz) x 2
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 5 months from production date

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