OKAKI (handmade rice cracker)

Each box contains 6 kinds of OKAKI.
Handmade at Fujisawa Eisshohdo in Kyoto. Fujisawa Eisshohdo is known for creating OKAKI using a traditional manufacturing process with careful attention to quality and natural ingredients.

OKAKI rice cracker is one of the most popular and classic snacks in Japan. It goes well with Sencha, Genmaicha, or Houjicha teas. This OKAKI is traditionally-made by hand using only natural ingredients sourced only in Japan.

OKAKI is essentially toasted cut and dried MOCHI rice cake. In Japan, OKAKI is available in a wide range of quality: ranging from average quality found at the local grocery, to high quality from specialty shops such as the OKAKI sold here at Hibiki-an. It is said that OKAKI rice cracker handmade by traditional methods is most tasty, though it requires much time and effort and can be quite expensive. The third generation Fujisawa’s goal is to produce traditional handmade rice crackers at a reasonable price. And another principle of the third generation Fujisawa is bringing out the inherent good flavor of natural and wholesome foods without artificial additives.

As above, if OKAKI is produced according to the traditional process, MOCHI rice cake should be produced first. However, OKAKI produced in a modern factory does not use MOCHI rice cake, but rice powder because it can cut much time and effort. At the same time, unfortunately it fully ruins the inherent flavor of MOCHI or rice, so that it has to be seasoned by additives strongly. The third generation Fujisawa consistently takes the time and effort to follow the traditional production method.

This OKAKI is composed of 6 varieties, each with a unique and fine taste, texture, shape, and appearance. All of the OKAKI are created from premium quality natural ingredients sourced in Japan. For more information regarding each variety of OKAKI, please see below.

We are certain that this OKAKI is the ideal complement to high quality Japanese green tea, perfect for yourself or to give as a gift to someone who loves green tea.

Packed in special carton box.
No artificial additives.





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Each box contains 6 kinds of OKAKI

NORI MAKI (Seaweed Roll):
NORI MAKI is one of the most popular OKAKI. This OKAKI is seasoned with Miso sourced from Nagano prefecture and Yuzu (citrus) sourced from Kochi prefecture. Dried laver seaweed is sourced from Seto Inland Sea and is much higher quality and flavor than seaweed usually used for OKAKI. Fine acid taste of Yuzu (citrus) goes well with dried laver seaweed, same as Sushi, and they create excellent harmony.

MASAGO ISHI (Charbroiled Savor):
This OKAKI is developed in order to bring out the inherent excellent flavor of MOCHI rice cake. To enjoy the fine savory flavor of toasted MOCHI, this is seasoned only by salt. The savory aroma is brought by Fujisawa’s original technique. MASAGO ISHI means “cute rounded stone on the beach” in Japanese.

Ginger used with this ginger OKAKI is the excellent breed grown in Kochi prefecture. The breed has a strong fine aroma. If common ginger is used, the ginger aroma is masked by the strong OKAKI flavor. The excellent breed of ginger used in this OKAKI ranges from over 4 to 10 times higher than usual ginger. Before finding this excellent breed of ginger, Mr. Fujisawa had not been successful at creating ginger OKAKI. Now, this ginger OKAKI is one of the most popular items at Fujisawa Eisshohdo.

SHICHIMI (Seven Flavor Chili Pepper):
SHICHIMI means seven flavor chili pepper, which is a traditional Japanese spice blend. Fujisawa Eisshohdo chose this premium pepper from a long-established specialist shop in Kyoto. Red peppers, black and white sesame seeds, SANSHO Japanese pepper and three other seasonings are specially processed, and this process creates an exquisite and rich spicy flavor and aroma. The sharp yet pleasant flavor will expand in your mouth once you try this OKAKI.

Shrimp Fry:
Usually shrimp used for OKAKI are cheap and contain artificial color and have a bitter taste. Only the shrimp caught in Seto Inland Sea are used for Fujisawa Eisshohdo Shrimp Fry OKAKI. The price of the shrimp is 3 times higher than shrimp used for usual OKAKI. The original color of the shrimp in our OKAKI is pale red; this is the natural color of fried shrimp. The vivid red of shrimp found in low-quality OKAKI is from artificial color. Fujisawa Eisshohdo Shrimp Fry OKAKI has a special harmony of flavor and texture.

This is developed in the motif of autumn maple in Kyoto. The natural purple color is from a very special Japanese sweet potato grown in Kagoshima prefecture. Much potato is kneaded into the MOCHI dough, so each bite is a delicious burst of sweet potato flavor. This production method of kneading the potato into the dough is not commonly used because it is not easy and requires much time and effort.

Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: rice, sugar, soy sauce (including wheat and soybean), ginger, sweet potato, shrimp, seaweed, chili pepper, yuzu citrus, miso bean paste, syrup, dextrose, vegetable oil, salt, bonito flakes, monascus pigment
*Manufactured in a facility that processes crab.
Storage: Keep away from light, heat and moisture
Best Before: 6 months from production date


Though packed very carefully, it is possible for OKAKI to break because it is fragile. We can't accept reshipping or returning request due to breakage.

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