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CONPEITOH (traditional sugar confectionery)

Interior Content: 3 flavors of 40g (1.41oz) each

CONPEITOH is a Japanese traditional sugar confectionery which came to Japan from Portugal in the 16th century. Historically, it was a precious confectionery which could be eaten only by court noble or wealthy merchant. Now CONPEITOH is one of the most popular confectioneries in Japan. We packaged three kinds of premium CONPEITOH made by traditional processing methods with carefully selected ingredients using sophisticated modern recipes.

Basic method to create CONPEITOH:
1. Boil down granulated sugar and add water to make syrup.
2. Put coarse sugar in heated turning pan to make center core of CONPEITOH.
3. Slowly and carefully pour small amount of hot syrup into center cores in the heated turning pan. Grow the grains by continuing the process for a few weeks. Then many convexo-concave nubs appear on the surface of CONPEITOH. It is said there are mysteriously twenty four nubs on each CONPEITOH grain.

We combined three kinds of Premium CONPEITOH made by WASANBON premium sugar, blueberry, and sea salt. Each CONPEITOH has a unique excellent flavor, texture, and color. WASANBON is quite premium Japanese sugar known for its high-toned sweetness. You are also sure to love blueberry's fine harmony of sweet and tart. Sea salt, which is uniquely salty and sweet taste, pairs well not only with Japanese green tea but also with sake or other alcoholic beverages.

To develop CONPEITOH, many efforts and much trial-and-error were required. They are adjustments of turning and slant of turning pan, amount of pouring syrup, heating temperature, and so on. And carefully selected materials and specific processing methods and recipes enabled to make the unique premium CONPEITOH.

Our Premium CONPEITOH pairs very well with all kinds of Japanese tea. We are certain that our CONPEITOH will not only please your mouth and eyes but also enhance your green moment. It is also suitable for a gift to celebrate any special occasion.

Packaged in special carton box decorated with CHIYOGAMI Japanese paper.





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Each box contains three kinds of premium CONPEITOH

(WASANBON: light brown color / tiny grain)
WASANBON is premium Japanese sugar known for its high-toned sweetness. WASANBON is made in Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures in southwest Japan. The sugar is made from thin sugarcane plants called Taketo, grown especially in these areas and made locally using traditional methods.
This style of WASANBON CONPEITOH is quite rare and requires special efforts to make CONPEITOH only with WASANBON sugar. You can enjoy the high-toned sweetness and excellent flavor of WASANBON. It is also pleasant to the palate.

(Blueberry: purple color / large grain)
Blueberry CONPEITOH has an amazing tart sweetness you are sure to love. This style of CONPEITOH is quite rare because of the tart flavor. Traditionally, it has been difficult to make KONPEITOH having a tart, acidic flavor because the acidity (pH) inhibits the creation of the beautiful sugar crystals.

(Sea Salt: blue and white color / tiny grain)
This CONPEITOH made from premium Japanese sea salt is quite rare. The salt is produced in a famous production region known as AKOH in Japan. The taste is uniquely salty and sweet. So, this pairs well not only with Japanese green tea but also with sake or other alcoholic beverages. It takes great technical skill to make CONPEITOH with salt, as it is typically made primarily from sugar.
The sea salt taste is uniquely salty and sweet. So this pairs well not only with Japanese green tea but also with sake or other alcoholic beverages.

Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, concentrated natural blueberry juice, flavor, natural color, acidic ingredints, salt
Contents: 40g (1.41oz) x 3
Storage: Keep away from light, heat and moisture
Best Before: 12 months from production date


Pattern of CHIYOGAMI Japanese paper may be different from the picture because we have some various patterns of CHIYOGAMI.

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