IRABO (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)

This is limited edition only available in spring and summer season.

diameter: 5.51inch (14cm) height: 2.95inch (7.5cm), standard matcha bowl size
Traditional Kyo-Yaki (Kyoto Style)
Made by Nishijima Hideki at Yanagi Kiln

This Matcha bowl has outstanding value for the experienced tea masters or connoisseurs because the artist Hideki Nishijima creates all of his work in compliance with the strict rules of tea ceremony schools while at the same time, capturing a feeling of warmth and simplicity. So they are well-loved in Japan for many reasons.

This Matcha bowl is one of the most traditional and standard called IRABO CHAWAN. This style features a yellow IRABO glaze and the typical form called IDO GATA. IDO GATA shape is characterized by the flared open mouth and the moderate narrowed down base, like an inverted triangle. IDO GATA shape was the origin of all Matcha bowls and has continuously been appreciated since the 16th century when tea ceremony was established.

There is a projection at the center of the base, which is created by a traditional technique called Tokin Kabuto. It is usually created only with the highest grade Matcha bowl.
During the kiln firing process, three attachments are placed between the bottom of this Matcha bowl and the floor of the kiln, so that the bowl can be positioned in the kiln. The three parts are unglazed and add a tense accent to the atmosphere.

Rough textured soil is used for this Matcha bowl. Rough texture is elaborately emphasized from middle to base on side by using a traditional technique. In contrast, rim and inside are finished smoothly to be soft against the bamboo whisk and mouth. The contrast is one of the unique characteristics of this bowl.
The yellow color IRABO glaze is an ash glaze. The IRABO glazed areas please viewers with a variety of texture and colors, yellow, greenish gray, and dark brown like burnt wood.

Considering the quality, this Matcha bowl is extremely reasonable in price. Once you try, you will certainly understand why the works of Hideki Nishijima are loved by so many in Japan.

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.
(Please note that each piece is unique due to the techniques employed by the artisan. There are natural variations in each piece.)





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Hideki Nishijima

Hideki Nishijima was born in 1948. He opened Yanagi Kiln in 1972 after apprenticing under the Raku Yaki artisan, Ugyoh Hohno. His techniques are widely known as quite steady and conscientious. His works are not only created in compliance with the strict rules of tea ceremony schools but are also simple and quite warm-hearted.
In contrast to the fact that his works follow the time-honored tea ceremony tradition, his eyes are open progressively toward the world. He often teaches and works with ceramics students from foreign countries. His balance between traditional concepts and openness to new ideas may be one reason why his works receive such high acclaim.


- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent.
- Do not sterilize by boiling, or in a dish washing machine.

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