KISSAKI (airtight container: pair: capacity100g each)

height: 4.13inch (10.5cm), diameter: 2.56inch (6.5cm)

To preserve freshness, high-quality green tea should be stored in an air-tight container away from heat and moisture. These Chazutsu are specially designed to keep your green tea fresh. Chazutsu are ideal for both long-term tea storage and daily use.

The surface of this canister is a printed pattern in the motif of KISSA YOJHOKI. It was the first book about tea, written by Buddhist monk EISAI in 1214, who popularized the idea of drinking tea for good health.

The capacity is 40g to 100g for loose-leaf tea.
Made from steel with a plastic inner lid.
Made in Japan.
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Store a small amount of tea in one Chazutsu for daily use. Use the other Chazutsu for relatively long-term storage, opening it very little so air will not come into contact with the tea very often. The original packaging may also be used to hold the tea inside this storage container. In that case, please remove the air from the original packaging and close with a rubber band or clip, and your tea will stay fresh even longer. However, please note that in order to enjoy the fresh flavor of green tea, it is important to use up as soon as possible once the package is open.

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