Teabag Gift Set (Teabag Gyokuro and Sencha)

Our Teabag Gift Set includes Teabag Gyokuro and Teabag Sencha, two of our customer favorites. This is an ideal set to showcase the two most popular traditional Japanese green teas, Gyokuro and Sencha, with the convenience of teabags.

The individual teabags are much larger than standard paper teabags, over 2 x 2 inches in a unique pyramid shape. At Hibiki-an, we use only the highest quality tea leaves in our tea bags. Each specially-designed nylon bag is filled with whole-leaf tea, so the elegant flavor of each tea can be enjoyed in no time at all, without a teapot or Kyusu. Of course, our teabag teas as well as all our loose-leaf teas may be reused three times. Each infusion will have a unique flavor and aroma.

This set makes a perfect gift because with the Teabag Gift Set, one can enjoy Gyokuro and Sencha in a convenient teabag format.

We'll send your gifts wrapped in traditional Japanese style with a beautiful ornament called MIZUHIKI. We will also attach a colorful postcard inscribed with your personal message.





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Celebration Gifts in Japan

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