Competition Grade Gyokuro Pinnacle (30g/1.06oz)

This item is a limited edition of 650 packages only available this winter season.

Competition Grade Gyokuro Pinnacle is available only at the National Tea Fair of Japan, attended by those within the Japanese green tea industry. (For more information concerning Competition Grade Tea, please click here.)

Competition Grade Gyokuro Pinnacle is created from a breed of tea known as Gokoh, which is ideal for Gyokuro because of its unique excellent aroma and bright green color. Due to the ideal aroma and color, Gokoh breed tea is frequently awarded first place at the National Tea Competition.

This tea is grown in the Fugenji area of the Uji region. Fugenji is a very small area of land only about 0.6 mile (950m) in radius, carved out over many years by the meandering waters of the Kizu River. The soil in that area is rich in clay, which is not suitable for Sencha and Matcha, but perfect for Competition Grade Gyokuro. Unsuitable for creating the refreshing aroma of Sencha or bright green color of Matcha, the clay-rich soil is ideal for creating Gyokuro with a deep mellow taste.

Many teas contributed to the tea fair have a deep mellow taste because the teas are evaluated by the judges on this specific characteristic. At the National Tea Competition, Gyokuro grown in the Fugenji area of Uji frequently tops the list due to the special clay-rich soil.

The aroma of this tea is the essence of extraordinarily fresh young tea leaves. Tea leaves for Competition Grade Gyokuro Pinnacle are picked only by skilled hands, never by machine (For more information regarding hand picked, click here). Although generally the best time to gather tea leaves is when the tea tree has five sprouts, and three sprouts for even the highest grade Gyokuro, these tea leaves are picked when the tea tree has only one or two sprouts. Therefore, the tea leaves are quite short and fine and look like tiny green needles. Tea of this quality is difficult to find at even the most exclusive tea shops in Japan, and can only be found at the National Tea Competition. The aroma of this tea is young and fresh like no other tea you have ever experienced.

The third feature of this tea is a noble aroma and bright green color. Generally speaking, as above, the soil rich in clay in the Fugenji area is not favorable to create noble aroma and bright green color. The noble aroma and bright green color are special features of the Gokoh breed along with quite dedicated efforts for creating the very best tea for the National Tea Competition.

We recommend this very special tea only to customers who are already familiar with top quality Japanese green tea such as our Super Premium or Pinnacle grade teas. Even in Japan it is almost impossible to find tea of this quality—this is one of the very best available anywhere. This is quite a unique opportunity to try the deep mellow taste, fresh aroma of young tea sprouts, and noble flavor found only at Japan's National Tea Competition.




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Please brew Competition Grade Gyokuro with 140 - 158F (60- 70C) water for 1 1/2 - 2min., which is the same way as regular Gyokuro.

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