HYO SETSU HAKU (handcrafted Multi-cup: 180ml)

Handcrafted Multi-cup: 180ml (6.34fl oz), diameter: 3.94inches (10cm) height: 2.83inches (7.5cm)
Sophisticated Shiagaraki-Yaki
Made by Hozan Tanii

This is a multi-use cup suitable for use as a tea cup as well as a matcha bowl. It has been one of Mr. Tanii's best selling items for more than 30 years.

The white color is brought not by glaze, but by clay, which is very rare. Mr. Tanii discovered this rare white clay while exploring in the mountains 35 years ago. After experimenting with different techniques for five years, he finally developed this technique which expertly showcases this unusual white clay. A myriad of cracks are created by subtly different ratios of shrinkage between the white soil and basic soil. Finally, the cracked surface is coated with a solid layer of clear glaze.

HYO SETU HAKU is named for these three-layers. The basic clay is portrayed as the earth, the white soil represents snow accumulated on the earth, and the clear glaze represents ice which forms over the snow. HYO SETU HAKU means "three-layers" in Japanese.

The size of this cup has not been changed for 30 years. The size was designed for two-handed use and is suitable for use as both a tea cup and matcha bowl. The form of the mouth to the bottom has been quite slightly changed over time. The "mouth to the bottom" may be translated or perceived as "the origin to the final destination" representing infinity and the universe. Mr. Tanii has tried to symbolically express the notions of infinity and the universe on the surface and curve of the mouth to the bottom of this cup.

Many customers say that it fits very comfortably in their hands, more so than other tea cups or bowls. It may be one of the reasons why he has continued to create HYO SETU HAKU which his customers have loved for more than 30 years.

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.





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Hozan Tanii

Hozan Tanii was born in 1953. He graduated from the technical art department at Osaka Art University. And he took over the third generation of Tanikan Kiln in 1983. He is one of only a few artisans who explore the infinite beauty, depth, and range of clay itself, in contrast to the many artisans who explore glaze colors or printing. He has and makes full use of fourteen kinds of kilns and several tens of thousands kinds of glaze in order to bring out the boundlessness possibility of earthen clay. He frequently goes to the mountain in Shigaraki where he lives and collects clay. He has continued to experiment using the clay he finds and tries to bring out the infinite possibility of clay for over 30 years. All of his arts are well-planned and elaborated in various view points, beauty, function, usefulness, and so on. In addition, made from sustainable natural elements, his creations work symbiotically with the earth's ecosystem.


- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- After use, please dry thoroughly. Otherwise, it could possibly get moldy.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent. In that case, after using the chlorine detergent, we recommend you boil this item in water to remove the chlorine smell.
- Do not wash in a dish washing machine.

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