Pinnacle Gift Set (Two kinds)

Our Pinnacle Gift Set includes Gyokuro Pinnacle and Sencha Pinnacle. These are our two top-quality teas - and some of the highest grade available on the market today. To grow the finest-quality tea takes not only time and effort but also tea trees passed down from prior generations, geographically ideal soil conditions, and technical success - it must be by the very grace of God that we can all enjoy excellent tea of this quality. One who is given this Sampler Set will certainly muse the four seasons of Japan, geography, tradition and so on which brought this finest tea - the perfect gift for one who truly loves green tea.

We'll send your GIFTS in a box wrapped in our pretty paper with a beautiful Japanese ornament called MIZUHIKI. Also attached is our color post card (gift card) carrying your personal message.





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Celebration Gifts in Japan

In Japan, Japanese green tea is often presented as a gift to celebrate. People give the gift of green tea for a good health and a long life of your good friends, or family. It is suitable for any special gift occasions, for Christmas, holiday, birthday, mother's day, father's day... (For more information, click here.)

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