Shincha Traditional (80g/2.82oz)

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This item is limited edition of 1,200 packages only available at this harvest season.

If you love Japanese tea, you may be familiar with Shincha. In Japan, we have the tradition of celebrating Shincha, the first tea harvest of the year. Only once a year can you enjoy Shincha's refreshing aroma and smooth, mellow flavor immediately after the harvest. (For more information about Shincha, please check What is Shincha?, Shincha News Flash!)

This tea is grown at Yuyadani in Ujitawara known for producing the highest grade Sencha. Yuyadani, located in mountain ravines with mineral-rich soil, is the place where Sohen Nagatani invented the Japanese green tea processing method, many hundreds of years ago. The misty climate, sloping hills, warm days and cool nights in Yuyadani create the ideal environment for producing the astringent aroma and excellent mellow flavor of high quality Sencha. Indeed, Yuyadani is the location where tea trees were first planted in the Uji region, and where the tea presented to the Japanese Emperors for many years was grown.

These tea leaves are finished in the traditional Uji/Kyoto style. Therefore the astringent refreshing aroma and mellow flavor are prominent, and the harmony is excellent. The tea color is clear yellowish green which is proof that this is traditional Uji style Sencha. The breed is Yabukita, which is most suitable for the traditional Uji/Kyoto style.

Enjoy the superb harmony of refreshing aroma, flavor, and bitter taste of this special tea. It is the best way to enjoy Shincha – available only at this harvest season, just once a year.




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A Tip to Enjoy Shincha

Shincha's best features are its refreshing yet mellow aroma, and balance of sweet and bitter taste. Usually Shincha is brewed with 176F (80C) water for 1 minute, which is the same way as regular Sencha.
Another way to enjoy Shincha is to brew it so that it has a sharper, more refreshing taste. In this case, we recommend you brew Shincha with a little higher temperature water (85C / 185F).


This item is specially finished, with the drying kept to a minimum so that you will be able to fully enjoy Shincha's refreshing aroma and flavor. So, once you open the package, the tea leaves are easy to change in quality. Please use up as soon as possible.

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