Teabag Gyokuro (28bags x 5g/0.18oz)

At Hibiki-an we use only the highest quality tea leaves in our tea bags.
Each specially-designed nylon bag is filled with whole-leaf Gyokuro, so you can enjoy the elegant flavour of Gyokuro in no time at all! The individual teabags are much larger than standard paper teabags - over 2 x 2 inches in a unique pyramid shape.

We have designed our teabag teas to brew quickly and easily in the shortest possible time, while still retaining the fullest flavor and aroma, even when brewed in a teacup and not a teapot. We finely cut our Gyokuro tea leaves very small so that they will brew easily with teacups in a very short time.
Of course, this item as well as other tea leaves items may be reused three times. Each infusion will have a unique flavor and aroma.

There are 28 bags in each packet of Teabag Gyokuro.
If you want a quick and easy way to enjoy Gyokuro, this is the perfect tea for you! And we are certain that it is also perfect for taking along on a trip, to the office, and so on or introducing genuine Japanese tea to beginners.




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Features of our Teabag items

1.What material are the teabags made from?
- The fine, nylon net fabric is specially designed so that Teabag tea tastes the same as your favorite loose leaf tea.
- Our teabag is of generous size, so that the tea leaves can fully expand in water when brewed. This extra space is one of the reasons why our teabags make such a flavorful tea.
- The nylon fabric material of our Teabags is very stable at both hot and cold temperatures and does not react with or affect the flavor of the tea at all.
- The nylon fabric is naturally occurring, made from polylactic acid derived from corn.

2.What kind of tea leaves do you use in the Teabags?
- Only the highest quality tea leaves are used in our Teabag items.
- In order to brew a more flavorful tea, the leaves for all our Teabag teas are specially finished. Tea leaves for Teabag Gyokuro is cut very small in order to be extracted more flavorfully and easily with a brighter water color.

3.What are the benefits of Teabag teas?
- You can brew a flavorful cup of tea without a Kyusu or teapot but directly in your teacup.
- When you brew in a teapot, it is quite easy to dispose of the used tea leaves.
- You can take teabags along on a trip or to the office, and conveniently enjoy the excellent flavor of genuine Japanese tea anywhere.

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