Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)

Gyokuro Superior is an excellent balance of quality and value.

Gyokuro was developed at Uji, in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Even today, it is enjoyed almost exclusively in the Kyoto region. Among many regional varieties of Gyokuro -- which is the finest grade of Japanese tea -- Uji Gyokuro is said to be the best.

Carefully grown in the shade for twenty days before harvesting, Gyokuro has several unique features: an elegant aroma, a sweetness of taste, and a light green colour.

Gyokuro Superior is perfect for those new to the art of Gyokuro drinking or those who drink it quite often and prefer Gyokuro that is not too expensive. Gyokuro Superior will undoubtedly enhance your sense of green tea.




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Features of This Tea

Mellow Aroma
Refreshing Aroma
Roasted Aroma
  • 'Yabukita' and 'Okumidori' Breed
  • Shaded from sunlight by the way of 'Jikagise'

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545 12/23/2019
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