MISO NEGI SENBEI (handmade rice crackers)

This is limited edition only available in autumn season.

Interior Content: 40g (1.41oz)

MISO NEGI SENBEI are elegant rice crackers delicately flavored with premium MISO and NEGI Japanese leeks. These SENBEI bring out the moderate sweetness and spiciness of the premium MISO and the rich flavor of NEGI Japanese leeks.

Made from rice harvested only in Japan, these carefully baked crackers are fragrant, fluffy, and soft. SENBEI are a traditional snack that have long been popular among people of all ages in Japan. Today they are still one of the most popular snacks in Japan.

The MISO sauce is based on SAIKYO MISO, a healthy MISO with a slightly sweet taste and low salt content. Along with soy sauce, MISO is one of Japan's most popular seasonings, and has been a traditional food for 1300 years. It is a food that goes well with many vegetables, including NEGI, Japanese leeks. SAIKYO MISO, in particular, is a food representative of Kyoto's food culture and is still commonly used at RYOTEI, luxury restaurants.

NEGI Japanese leeks, are made from Kyoto-grown KUJO NEGI, known as a traditional vegetable. It is characterized by its sweet, flavorful, and robust taste.

When you eat one piece, the flavor of MISO spreads in your mouth, along with the crunchy texture of the rice cracker. The elegant MISO and NEGI flavors are addictive. We are sure that this premium SENBEI will become your favorite.





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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Non-glutinous rice, leeks, rice oil, sugar, soy sauce, miso, salt, dextrin, flavor ingredients (bonito extract, processed bonito, bonito flakes, seaweed extract), yeast extract, kelp seasoning liquid)
Net Weight:40g (1.41oz)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 4 months from production date


Though packed very carefully, it is possible for SENBEI to break because they are fragile. We can't accept reshipping or returning request due to breakage.

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01. Rudi Hermawan Indonesia
17 09/18/2023

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