CHAKOHRO (tea incense burner)

Tea incense burner, Diameter 4.33 inch(11cm) x Height 3.74 inch(9.5cm) Bottom Plate 4.33 inch (11cm) x 4.33 inch (11cm)

CHAKOHRO is an aromatherapy diffuser for tea leaves. A candle is placed inside and the heat is used to warm the tea leaves to release the fragrance. The fresh aroma wafts into the room, creating a soothing atmosphere. And because real tea leaves are used, unlike chemical air fresheners, you can enjoy the natural fragrance of the tea. The heat applied to the tea leaves allows you to fully enjoy the aroma, which changes little by little from a gentle aroma to a nutty aroma. The aroma of tea slowly filling the room makes you feel as if you were strolling along a tea shopping street in Uji, Japan.

The aroma of green tea has many beneficial effects in daily life. These aromatherapy effects are said to enhance our innate healing powers, relieve fatigue, and bring a sense of calm. In addition to these therapeutic effects, CHAKOHRO freshens the air and makes your home smell wonderful. Green tea has a deodorizing effect due to its catechins, and heating the tea has a synergistic effect of removing unpleasant odors from the room and creating a refreshing space with the fragrant aroma of the tea.

The visual healing effect is also important. When you want to take a break, you can light the candle in the CHAKOHRO and dim the lights in your room. The candlelight glowing gently through the small round windows creates a cozy atmosphere and is very relaxing. Smelling the rich aroma of tea leaves while watching the flickering flames will naturally calm your mind and bring you more peace of mind than you can imagine.

In addition to these benefits, tea leaves roasted in a CHAKOHRO can be enjoyed as Houjicha. Any kind of tea leaves can be used, but Sencha Karigane, which doesn't burn easily, is especially recommended. Genmaicha also offers a unique aroma. Of course, you can try different teas and explore your own unique taste. It might be interesting to compare your own roasted tea with our Houjicha.

Ideal for daily aromatherapy, as well as for yoga and meditation, our CHAKOHRO is relaxing to the mind and delights the senses.

Your tea life will be more wonderful if you have one CHAKOHRO that you can enjoy with your nose, eyes, mind, and finally, taste.

Lead-free. Made in Japan.

1 x Main body of tea censer
1 x Upper plate
1 x Candle plate
1 x Candle(Burning time approx. 2.5 to 4 hours)
1 x Bottom plate





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1. Place CHAKOHRO on a flat surface and put about 4g of tea leaves in the upper dish. (The amount of tea leaves can be adjusted to your preference, but too few leaves may burn.)

2. Light the candle and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Little by little, the wonderful aroma of tea leaves fills the room. Stirring the tea leaves from time to time to keep an eye on them will prevent them from burning. (Please be very careful when touching the heated CHAKOHRO and tea leaves as the temperature is high.)

Experimental results by Hibiki-an team
Tea leaves: Sencha Karigane
Quantity: 4g
Room Size: 142.29 ft2 (12.96 m2)

5 min: Slightly fragrant at close range.
10 min: Fragrant even at a distance of about 1 meter.
15 min: The room begins to fill with fragrance.
40 min: Tea leaves change color. Stir to prevent burning.
60 min: Extinguished the candle as the tea leaves began to turn brown all over.
Depending on the strength of the fire and the amount of tea leaves, it can be enjoyed continuously for one to two hours if well managed.


- Do not use in a place where children can reach or pets can come in contact with it because of the use of fire.
- Do not use near flammable materials such as oil, gas, curtains, etc.
- Avoid using the product in unstable or windy places.
- Do not use candles other than tea-light candles that have a small flame and are within 2 cm in height in a metal cup.

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