Glass Whisk Keeper - MISAO (Kusenaoshi, handcrafted)

With repeated use, a Bamboo Whisk, or Chasen, will naturally lose its curved shape. The Bamboo Whisk Keeper is used to return the Chasen to its original curved shape. Your Chasen will last longer too... by two or three times its natural lifespan.

This very unique blown glass Whisk Keeper is created one by one by Mr. Shigehiko Kawakita, a glass artisan.

MISAO refers to a woman's focus, not distracted by her surroundings. Mr. Kawakita named the Whisk Keeper MISAO because of the elegant and sharp appearance of the glass.

Mr. Kawakita hopes to create works that will allow people to feel and hold onto the joy and happiness that passes by unnoticed in our daily lives, even if only for a moment, like the light of glass. As the artisan intended, the pure clarity of the Whisk Keeper is almost mesmerizing as you admire this very unique glass artifact.

Tip: It also prevents deterioration if you immerse the Chasen in warm water before using it. This softens the bamboo, making it less brittle, so there is less chance of breakage.

Specially packaged in a wooden box.
Made in Japan.





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Shigehiko Kawakita

Shigehiko Kawakita was born in 1968.
He studied glass art in Nara prefecture and started to work and to study the high quality technique at Nara Glass Studio in 1996. He has won prizes in famous craft contests in Japan every year. In 2015, he established his own Nara Glass Blowing Studio. His skills have been widely recognized and he serves as a board member of a craft association in Nara Prefecture. He is one of the artisans who is attracting attention for his new approach to glass art, as represented by his glass Whisk Keeper.

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