YUZU SHIZUKU (citrus AN bean jam confection)

This is limited edition only available in summer season.

Interior Content: 1 pieces/ 65g (2.29oz)

This YUZU SHIZUKU is a premium confection featuring elegant YUZU citrus flavor and traditional Japanese confectionary techniques. It pairs well with all kinds of Japanese tea. You will certainly be amazed with the exquisite flavor and unique texture.

YUZU SHIZUKU is made by hollowing out the inside of a flowering YUZU citrus fruit that has been soaked in honey and filling it with YUZU bean paste to create this elegant confection full of the skills and ideas of Japanese confectioners. When you place a slice in your mouth, the citrus aroma of YUZU will expand and you can experience its elegance.

This premium sophisticated confection is made by traditional Japanese confectionary techniques. Each YUZU citrus fruit is hollowed out and soaked in honey. YUZU citrus paste is kneaded into AN bean jam, and then used to fill the honey-soaked YUZU. A confectioner at TSUBONEYA was inspired to create this recipe, which began by accident. This recipe requires much effort.

YUZU SHIZUKU means citrus trickle in Japanese. You will certainly be amazed with the balance and harmony of the gentle acidity of the YUZU citrus fruit, the subtle moistness of the honey and AN bean jam, and the exquisite bitterness and elegant aroma of the YUZU citrus peel.

The unique, velvety, and moist texture will surely please your palate. The elegant YUZU citrus aroma will expand in your mouth and linger for a while.

This is suitable both for your daily table and for the formal tea ceremony. To serve, this YUZU SHIZUKU should be cut and divided into 4 or 8 pieces.

YUZU SHIZUKU is handmade by TSUBONEYA located in the Kiyomizu-temple neighborhood, a scenic spot in Kyoto. TSUBONEYA is well-known as a confectioner who makes traditional WAGASHI Japanese confections by hand with careful attention to quality and detail.

The unique texture and well-balanced flavor will fill you with a feeling of elegance and enrich your green moment. We are certain that you will love this premium confection, YUZU SHIZUKU.

No artificial additives.




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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: white bean paste, sugar, agar, YUZU, food coloring
Contents: 1 pieces
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 3 months from production date


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