HAKEME CHAWAN (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)

This is limited edition only available in spring and summer season.

diameter: 5.71 inch (14.5cm) height: 2.95 inch (7.5cm), standard Matcha bowl size
Sophisticated Shigaraki-Yaki (Shigaraki pottery)
Made at Eizan Kiln
Measurements are approximate because each item is formed by hand.

This Matcha bowl is made in the kiln of Shigaraki, which is one of the six major old Japanese kilns. A feature of this Matcha bowl is white brush line patterns. The contrast between the pattern and the gray color of the clay beautifully harmonize. Subtle orange highlights add a warm, gentle atmosphere.

HAKEME means brush line pattern in Japanese. It is a traditional technique. The linear marks made by a straw brush are dynamically implemented. These lines have an exquisite texture that can only be made by a straw brush. Each line has a different thickness, and the resulting texture is quite beautiful.

On this HAKEME CHAWAN, you can see colorful patches of orange, known as GOHONDE, which are created by a traditional glazing technique. It is impossible to fully control the contrasting density of GOHONDE, so that GOHONDE is quite different in each work. A red clay, which is rich in iron, is used to create GOHONDE for this Matcha bowl. During reduction firing in the kiln, the constituents of the clay are heated and tiny holes form in the surface of the glaze. Each time you drink tea in this special bowl, the texture will evolve. Over time, the tea will color each hole and deepen the atmosphere, creating the texture highly prized by tea masters.

This Matcha bowl is IDOGATA, a flat, wide-open style, and the flared rim is called HATAZORI. This flat style was originally developed in order to choreograph coolness in the summer season in the Middle Ages before the advent of air conditioning. This HAKEME CHAWAN was made a little flat to bring a sense of lightness in the spring and summer.

Because of the wide-open form, we are able to see inside of the bowl and it is easy to drink tea. Its KOHDAI (foot) is slightly big and brings out the sense of balance. The artisan carefully forms the KOHDAI, and also shaves inside of it spirally, which adds accent to the bowl.

Considering the effort and techniques, it is worth much more than the price. This standard Matcha bowl is perfect for everyday use. It will certainly add joy to your green moment.

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.
(Please note that each piece is unique due to the techniques employed by the craftsman. There are natural variations in each piece.)




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Eizan Kiln

Eizan Kiln is established in Shigaraki, which is one of the six major old Japanese kilns. They hold private exhibitions all over Japan and provides guidance to artisans around the world. They produce a wide variety of sophisticated and modern Matcha bowls while strictly adhering to traditional techniques. They have a perfect command of glaze, forming and firing by their outstanding skill and unique experience since they have been creating a wide range of traditional Matcha bowls. Therefore, they also have a deep and wide range of skills. Almost all potters specialize in certain techniques or the pottery-making knowledge rooted in a specific region, such as Kyo-Yaki or Shigaraki-Yaki. On the other hand, they diverse works are beyond the everyday norms. Such a Kiln as Eizan Kiln is very rare and special.


- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- After use, please dry thoroughly. Otherwise, it could possibly get moldy.
- Do not sterilize by boiling, or in a dish washing machine.

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