Teapot CLEAR & SAKURA BEEDORO Tea Glass set

This Teapot and Tea Glass set is specifically designed to be convenient and easy to use. This is not only a convenient and beautiful design but also sophisticated and stylish. It is suitable for any occasion. You are surely able to enjoy iced tea with this functional and fashionable set. Also, you’ll enjoy the beautiful color of tea in your green moment.

Many tea enthusiasts unfortunately chip their teapot spout at some point, however this lid is made of PCT resin, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it. This pot has only three parts and there is no edge, so it is easy to wash and remove the used tea leaves. Just rinse with water and the used tea leaves will be washed away. You can remove and wash the silicone rubber sealing ring, so you’ll be able to keep the teapot clean.

The lid shuts tightly and has a filter and spout, therefore you can pour tea with one hand. The filter part of the lid was specially designed in order to keep loose tea leaves from flowing into your cup or glass, so you can brew all kinds of Japanese tea.

Since this teapot is made from heat resistant glass, you are able to enjoy both iced tea and hot tea. Also, the glass doesn’t retain the tea flavor or aroma, so you can use it for any type of tea, from Japanese Sencha to Earl Grey. It is easy for you to know the exact extraction time because this modern teapot is clear and you’ll see the tea leaves. Adding to that, you can enjoy the beautiful color of tea in your green moment.

The shape of this pot is not only chic but also functional. It is designed so that tea leaves can fully expand during brewing. A square mark which indicates 300 ml is printed on the side surface and it is very helpful and convenient.

SAKURA BEEDORO Tea Glass has a pale pink color that imitates the petals of cherry blossoms floating on the surface of the water. The glass features a charming cherry blossom pattern and a traditional Japanese aesthetic, while the texture is unique to BEEDORO Glass. It is perfect for the summer, to enjoy a refreshingly cool glass of iced tea.

TSUGARU BEEDORO Glass begins with a 1500 degree Celsius red molten orb in the crucible. Each glass rolled with a blowing rod is finished one by one into a soft shape that is unique to the craftsmen's skill and technique.

TSUGARU BEEDORO Glass has an infinite look like a scene that changes over time, with combinations of various colors that are unique to Japan.

Enjoy both the excellent taste of Japanese green tea and its pure color with this stylish tea set. You will certainly look forward to brewing tea in this set which has been specially designed with the user in mind.

Made in Japan.




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- Teapot CLEAR - Filter Top: 450ml (15.84fl oz), specifically designed to be convenient and easy to use
- SAKURA BEEDORO Tea Glass: pair, 190ml (6.69fl oz) each, standard size tea glass

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Teapot CLEAR
- This item may be cleaned in a dish washing machine.
- Wash immediately after use, as strong colors and odors may transfer to the silicone rubber material.
- Letting resin parts soak in household bleach for a prolonged period of time may reduce their durability.

Tea Glass
- This is not heat-resistant glass. Please don't use in microwave and oven. Because it can be broken by rapid temperature change, please be careful.
- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- Please wash by hand. Don't wash by cleanser or in a dish washing machine.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent.

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