TOHHAKU KAEDE ZU (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)

This is limited edition only available in autumn and winter season.

(Please note:Because this item is usually made-to-order, it may possibly take approximately 3 weeks from the time you order this item until the date it is shipped from Kyoto, Japan. Once ordered, any order change or cancellation cannot be accepted. If you order this item with other items, they will be shipped together.)

diameter: 4.72inch (12cm) height: 3.14inch (8cm), standard matcha bowl size
Sophisticated Kyo Yaki (Kyoto Style)
Made by Zenshoh Yamaoka at Zenshoh Kiln

We, Hibiki-an have collaborated with Zenshoh Yamaoka, who is the leading expert of paintings derived from masterpieces in the middle ages and acclaimed Kyo Yaki artisan, to release a Matcha bowl featuring a painting by Tohhaku Hasegawa (1539 - 1610). Zenshoh Yamaoka chose KAEDE ZU which is designated as a national treasure in Japan. The features and touches are well described by his unique sense.

KAEDE ZU, which means the painting of the maple tree in Japanese, was drawn by Tohhaku Hasegawa, who was an artist between the Azuchi-Momoyama period and the early Edo period. He created Buddhist paintings when he was in his twenties, however the demand for his work had been decreasing due to the disturbances of war. He decided to go to Kyoto, the capital of Japan at that time, when he was 33 years old in order to continue his work as an artist.

In Kyoto at the time, the Kano School, which is one of the most famous schools of Japanese painting reached full bloom. It was rather difficult for this obscure, new artist to find work. However, his extraordinary ability and impressive paintings were soon discovered. Authorities of the time Hideyoshi Toyotomi and the inventor of tea ceremony Sen no Rikyu became his patrons. As a result, Tohhaku flourished with great force and his works eventually became quite famous, akin to the Kano School. Even today, the majority of his existing works are designated as National Treasures or Important Cultural Assets in Japan.

One of his works designated as a National Treasure is the KAEDE ZU motif of this work. It is drawn on the murals in Shounzen-ji Temple (a predecessor of Chishakuin Temple) established by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, feudal lord and Imperial Regent in 16th century Japan. The temple was built for his son Tsurumatsu, who passed away when he was only 3 years old. Tohhaku drew a strong, giant maple tree. This painting dynamically expresses the tree, through the elegance of Yamato-e (traditional Japanese paintings featuring nature and life with a soft touch and bright color). It is known as an unparalleled masterpiece and holds an important place in the history of Japanese art.

As we gaze at KAEDE ZU, we feel as if the tree is emerging from the screen. KAEDE ZU was painted in a monumental style which was preferred by Hideyoshi. The colorful decorative representation of MOMIJI maple leaf, MOKUSEI sweet osmanthus, KEITOU cockscomb, HAGI lespedeza, and KIKU chrysanthemum and these lively, spectacular and delicate depictions can be called Hasegawa’s monumental painting style.

The shape of each autumn leaf is almost the same and looks as though it has been replicated in some way. It is drawn to repeat as a picture pattern. It is said that this way of description is related to his background working in a dyehouse.

It is quite daunting work to draw such a delicate picture and faithfully reproduce the original on the Matcha bowl. However, Zenshoh Yamaoka achieved it brilliantly by his extraordinary brush strokes.

The use of light-yellow golden color on the gentle white surface gives a luxurious and gentle atmosphere to the Matcha bowl. The rim framed in gold makes this Matcha bowl bright and luxurious. It is not too ostentatious, but naturally, elegantly and gracefully painted.

You will be impressed by the high degree of perfection of the KAEDE ZU bowl. The contrast of the colorful autumn leaves against the branches of the tree is quite exquisite. The artist draws these fine details very carefully and with great expertise. This KAEDE ZU bowl reaches the status of high art. It is a true luxury to drink Matcha from this bowl. Your time spent with this bowl will be pure delight.

Specially packaged in a wooden box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.
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Zenshoh Yamaoka

Zenshoh Yamaoka was born in 1942. He worked under Zenjiroh Ueyama for 10 years, and then opened his own Zenshoh kiln in 1969.
His paintings derived from masterpieces in the middle ages are excellent. It is said his precise drawing techniques are in a class of their own. Indeed, he was officially designated as a traditional craftsman by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2002. His sophisticated, exquisite, elegant, and advanced drawing techniques receive high acclaim in the Kyo Yaki pottery industry.


- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent.
- Do not sterilize by boiling, or in a dish washing machine.

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