HOKUSAI - FUJIMIGAHARA Matcha Bowl (handcrafted)

This is limited edition only available in autumn and winter season.

diameter: 4.92inch (12.5cm) height: 2.95inch (7.5cm), standard Matcha bowl size
Traditional Kyo-Yaki (Kyoto Style)
Made by Kagetsu Hara at Kagetsu Kiln

This Matcha bowl features one of the quintessential and well-loved works by Hokusai Katsushika (1760 - 1849). It is said that Hokusai is the most famous UKIYOE Japanese woodblock print artist and influenced the impressionist painters such as Vincent van Gogh. FUJIMIGAHARA on this Matcha bowl is painted exquisitely and precisely and recalls Hokusai's UKIYOE work faithfully.

This painting portrays a scene in Owari Province known as Bishū Fujimigahara. Today, it is located in the city of Nagoya. The layout of this painting is unique and interesting. In the foreground is a cooper (barrel-maker) working on a large barrel, through which Mt. Fuji can be viewed, as if the barrel is a picture frame. The great mountain watches over the barrel-maker from a distance. We are able to feel the significance of Mt. Fuji for the people of Japan in this period and understand that Mt. Fuji was an important part of their life.

This Matcha bowl is modest with a refined white color, created by the traditional technique called KOBIKI. The bowl is coated with glaze made from white clay and referred to as SHIROGESHOH, which means to create beauty through the use of makeup, because of its graceful and beautiful atmosphere.

The patches of orange, known as GOHONDE, are created by a traditional glazing technique that creates colorful patches of orange on the surface of the inside or outside. GOHONDE adds warmth to the atmosphere of the work. It is impossible to fully control the contrasting density of GOHONDE, so that GOHONDE is quite different in each work.

The rim is slightly flared and its form and size fit into both hands when drinking Matcha. Would you enjoy high quality Japanese tea and the famous UKIYOE of Hokusai with this fine Matcha bowl?

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.
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Kagetsu Hara

Kagetsu Hara was born in Kyoto in 1971. He is known for his mastery of a wide range of traditional ceramic techniques. He won awards for competitions in Kyoto Prefecture.
He studied and worked under his father, Kiyokazu Hara. Many of his works feature some traditional technique such as MISHIMA, HAKEME, KOBIKI, and so on, which are taken over from his father. His representative delicate techniques receive a high evaluation.


- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent.
- Do not sterilize by boiling, or in a dish washing machine.

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